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This weeks’ half-day photo shoot at Leighton Photography & Imaging with our model visiting from Las Vegas – Isabella! Click any image to find out more about portraiture by Leighton Photography & Imaging.      ...


Ju & Calvin’s Day

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It’s been a busy spring! My latest wedding was a small intimate home wedding in Renton, Washington. The service was held on the back porch with sunlight softly filtering through the trees, and it couldn’t...


Exit Stage Left: The Nutcracker

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As 2013 flows in and 2012 ebbs out, we welcome the beginning of a brand new year while observing a solemn fare–thee–well to the last. The final months of 2012 were very exciting times for both...


Rainy Days and Mondays

Cold and rainy Seattle Monday evening tonight – perfect for an outdoor portrait session? Yes! This is Jessica’s shoot. Because we planned an outdoor portrait session, the rain literally put a damper on our plans, but...


Congratulations, Graduate!

Here’s a sample from today’s photoshoot. Graduation portraits are always a blast to shoot – and this one was done for Alicia who is graduating from FAMU this week! Way to go!