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Wild Florida!

  • Florida Yellow Rat Snake
  • White-tailed Deer
  • Turkey-Tail
  • Gopher Tortoise
  • Southern Cricket Frog
  • Red-femured Spotted Orbweaver
  • Horace's Duskywing
  • Killdeer
  • Northern Needleleaf (Tillandsia balbisiana)
  • Eastern Cottontail
  • Climbing Aster
  • Cloudless Sulfur
  • Baby Alligator Close-up
  • Eat or Be Eaten

New images from Wild Florida! For some reason these 14 photographs were sitting, hidden from the light of day on my hard drive array and although they were tagged for processing and publishing for...


Rugged Beauty of the Pacific Northwest Coast

  • Ruby Beach at Last Light
  • Rialto Beach at Dawn
  • Snail Rock
  • Seal Rock
  • Oregon Sea Stacks in Fading Sunset
  • Oregon Sea Stacks in Golden Light
  • Surf, Sand and Water
  • Misty Late Afternoon on Crescent Beach
  • Del Norte Coast, Northern California
  • Devil's Backbone, Oregon Coast
  • Sea Lion Colony
  • Del Norte Coast, Northern California

It’s been a whole month since I last did a post, and as I just expressed in my August 2014 monthly newsletter I just sent out today (you should subscribe!) I’ve been in my typical...