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Looking Back at Summer: Twelve New Images!

  • CommonButterwort100
  • Fireweed100
  • GreatRedPaintbrush100
  • HurricaneRidge100
  • LakeWenatchee1oo-Edit
  • MuleDeerBuck100
  • RainierPleatedGentian100
  • RainierWildflowers100
  • SprayFalls100
  • SpreadingStonecrop100-Edit
  • StraitofJuandeFuca100
  • TownsendsChipmunk100

As summer begins to slip into fall, and the days of sunshine in the Pacific Northwest will soon turn into weeks and weeks of rain, this year I am positive that I will have...


The Sooty Grouse, Formerly the Blue Grouse

  • SootyGrouse100
  • SootyGrouse101
  • SootyGrouse102
  • SootyGrouse103
  • SootyGrouse104

One of the most bewildering sounds I’ve been hearing in the mountain forests sounded like air being blown over the neck of a big glass jug, only deeper and louder. It always seemed to...