It’s funny, because I know I’m not the only nature photographer who travels around the country with this problem. The light is perfect, and I’m only five minutes away!

Driving like an idiot a couple of weeks ago with my wife and two young children strapped-in in the backseat, I was hauling ass down the unpaved roads of Eastern Washington, risking tearing off my front axle with all the potholes and dips as the most gorgeous light I’ve ever seen was falling like a grandiose curtain over the sagebrush canyonlands. In this unforgettable place I’ve never witnessed before with my own eyes, we were going to catch the Palouse Falls in this incredible lighting, but with my usual work rig –  it works even better after the sun drops lower than the “ideal”… you can decide.

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~ More Images of Palouse Falls and the River ~


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Rich Leighton
October 27, 2014
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