Rainy Days and Mondays

Cold and rainy Seattle Monday evening tonight – perfect for an outdoor portrait session? Yes! This is Jessica’s shoot. Because we planned an outdoor portrait session, the rain literally put a damper on our plans, but...


The Songbirds of Winter

  • ChestnutBackedChickadee-100
  • ChestnutBackedChickadee-101
  • ChestnutBackedChickadee-102
  • BlackCappedChickadee-100
  • BlackCappedChickadee-101
  • DarkEyedJunco-100

This morning started off with snow and by noon, the snow had melted and the sun was out resulting in a beautiful bright, cheery day at just above freezing: my kind of weather, and...


Icepocalypse 2012

A few hours ago, we just got our power restored after 58 hours of non-preparedness and freezing in our home. Being relatively still new to Washington from Florida, we were absolutely not prepared for...