Category: Nature Photography

Terra Ceia Preserve

While difficult to see most of this out-of-the-way preserve without a boat, I was able to find a place to park the car and work my way into the wilderness enough to get this landscape photograph highlighting some of the botanical biodiversity in the region. Several kinds of oak trees, swamp lilies, an variety of ferns and the ever-present cabbage palms show a wild and unspoiled wetland so rarely found along the Peninsular Gulf Coast.


The American Lotus + A Trick for Better Nature Photography

One of my favorite things about quick, sudden trips is going light – meaning one lens, one camera, no other gear. It forces me to see things a certain way, and often instead of suddenly wishing I had that wide angle or prime lens that I left at home instead, I am forced to see a potential shot in a new way, confined by my self-imposed restrictions. Many of my best-selling and creative images have come from this forced limitation.


Unexpected Florida Beach Sighting – Cattle Egret in Breeding Plumage

A couple of days ago, I was driving along the coast of Apalachee Bay on the Florida Panhandle on the edge of Tate’s Hell State Forest when I saw the unexpected. It was a group of 25 to 30 cattle egrets along the shoreline and perched among the skeletal remains of pine trees killed by beach erosion. Strangely peculiar as these egrets are not normally associated with the beach or salt water, and are most often found inland perching on or walking among cattle or horses.